Ethical charter of Kerman Regional Water Company employees

We believe:

Providing appropriate services on our part enriches and elevates people's lives and strengthens our relationship with the client.

The company's employees are considered its most valuable asset, so meeting their needs will have a direct impact on providing appropriate

services to clients, and we have no doubt in their impact, behavior and actions on clients.

We strive to establish the following values:

• Be secretive and honest in behavior and speech

• Treat our colleagues at different levels with courtesy, respect, kindness and sobriety.

• Listen to the words and wishes of our clients and treat them with reasonable flexibility, kindness and respect.

• Try to create a positive mentality of work and tasks and improve our knowledge and skills

• Feel responsible for the goals of the organization and the status of clients

• Perform our duties effectively and efficiently, accurately and quickly and without unnecessary formalities

• Avoid manifestations of corruption such as counseling, discrimination, unnecessary administrative formalities, abuse of our position, etc.

• Do not be indifferent to the problems of our colleagues and pay attention to growth and improvement

• Deal with violations seriously and use expressions of encouragement and punishment towards colleagues

• Adhere to moral principles and spiritual qualities in all situations

• We consider order, neatness, punctuality and readiness to serve the client as certain and definite principles of our success.

• We consider the culture of being accountable to the client as the context of our excellence and the company

• Our goal is to create an organization in which there is no gap between what is said and what is done

• Adorned appearance increases self-esteem, respect and cheerfulness in colleagues and clients, and therefore has a special nature.

• We will strive to increase efficiency, improve productivity and satisfy the client through conscious education, creativity and self-confidence.

• We emphasize the establishment of clear and understandable communication between people and the organization and strive to improve it

• We observe justice and fairness in providing services to the people as the basis of our work and avoid tendencies towards personal or

collective interests and interests.

• Idealism is in human nature and we welcome constructive ideas to achieve the ideals of the customer and the organization.

• Law and order is not a slogan, we adhere to it in practice and we consider its observance to bring satisfaction to the people and clients.

• We are proud to work in the organization and try to balance work and family life

• Progress is a permanent thing; we never consider ourselves the best and we consider such an attitude as an obstacle to continuous

individual and organizational improvement.

• We use the property of the organization in order to achieve the anticipated goals in a proper and desirable manner and avoid wasteful


• We maintain work discipline in the workplace and consider this a key factor in increasing productivity.





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